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S/S 24 Bridal Collection ‘TOSCANIUM’

This season’s inspiration is beauty in minimal modern romance. It’s about blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary. Celebrating the beauty of simplicity, individuality, and unique details that make each bride special. Femininity meets modern sophistication, for new-area brides who want to break traditions and make a statement.Focuses on being feminine and powerful at the same time

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Resort 25  ‘ GOLDEN HOUR PARTY ‘ Collection

An ode to the luxurious celebration of the grandeur. Joyful Presentation Of How comfortable designs turn into bold elegance : Combining the premium quality sequin fabric with natural cotton blend materials linings that provide a delicate touch to the skin .

The finest attention to detail, quality materials, and a blend of contemporary and timeless elements .

When In Doubt Dance It Out..

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Imagine yourself on a sunny French Riviera Trip, starting from Marsilya Saint-Tropez ,Cannes and Nice and till glamorous Monaco , Historic villas ,Chateau’s,Boats ,windy seaside restaurants and of course our dresses -the main character of this story .This special collection will elevate a new level of style and comfort with the breathability of exquisite linen and fine cotton items Each garment is meticulously crafted with the finest attention to details ,its fluid lines and lightweight fabric ,will bestow upon you  a casual and sophisticated elegance perfect for embracing hot days with timeless style.