PETRA PETROVA“  is a luxury Bridal and evening wear brand specializing in creating sustainable made-to-measure and ready-to-wear gowns, bridal accessories, and bags for modern fashion lovers.  A brand, where you can find expertise lays in producing only the most exquisite Haute Couture and ready-to-wear garments for those who are looking for something very unique and personalized that captivate but is still comfortable at the same time.

Our headline designer and founder of the brand Mrs. Petra Petrova is originally from Bulgaria but she was raised in her Mother Country Urkaine.  She studied Fashion design in Germany and has and has worked as a fashion designer with various brands in Europe and Turkey. In 2014 she launched the PETRA PETROVA” Couture brand,which contains fully personalized limited edition items that can appeal to any confident fashion lover ( whoever you are from a plus-size bride, an LGBT bride, or someone who simply wants a real deal breaker dream dress ) .

All the collections are designed in  Paris design studio and produced in our atelier in Turkey. We believe in slow, sustainable, ethical design. We design all the items in our atelier and make the dresses from scratch with great attention to small details. All of our items are handmade, ethical, sustainable gowns.
Our Bridal Gowns embodies effortless elegance and sophistication for the modern woman by blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary fashion .